Peering contact+informations

Contact us via email: peering AT ebox.ca

ASN/Peering details: QRator, PeeringDB

Looking glass/traceroute tool: Montreal, QC

Speedtest.net host: Montreal, QC, CA

nPerf.com host: Montreal, QC, CA

CAIDA Archipelago (Ark) Measurement Infrastructure node: Stats for YHU-CA node

Route Views (University of Oregon): EBOX participates to the University of Oregon Route Views Project. To view the full BGP feed from AS1403, you can connect to route-views.routeviews.org

EBOX Peering policy


Applicant must operate a Network Operations Center (NOC) that is staffed and/or reachable 24x7x365

Applicant must not announce bogons or prefixes identified in RFC 1918

Applicant's routes must be aggregated where possible. EBOX will not accept routing announcements with prefixes longer than /24

Routes must be registered with an IRR such as AltDB, RADB or RIPE

Public peering locations

Montreal, QC Canada:

QIX - 1250 Rene-Levesque - IPv4: / IPv6: 2001:504:2D::18:9

Toronto, ON Canada:

TorIX - 151 Front - IPv4: / IPv6: 2001:504:1A::34:248

Private peering locations

Longueuil, QC Canada:

Colo Rive-Sud - 1225 St-Charles O.

Montreal, QC Canada:

Cologix3 - 1250 Rene-Levesque O

Cologix7 - 1155 Robert-Bourassa

MetroOptic - 875 St-Antoine O